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This guy has a gigantic cock. It is so big he's able to suck it while jerking off. Don't miss this one 'cause it's just plain amazing!
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-02
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Joey Rico and Vince Smith are back with us today on SDBoy.com and waste no time getting down to it. Both of these boys are ready to go and hit it off right from the start. Joey can't wait to plug Vincent's ass with his pinga.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-02
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Stefan brings a Latin flare & laid back attitude to jacking
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-02
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Hans Weiss is all horned up and completely hard after taking a bath. He heads into the bedroom, where buddy Leo Cooper is sleeping, and pulls back the sheet. Hans starts playing with Leo's ass then flips him over. Now awake, the dark-haired twink makes out with Hans then sucks his cock. Hans returns the favor and the two get into a heated 69. Soon after, Leo straddles Hans and rides his cock balls deep, first facing Hans, then away from him while Hans pumps Leo fast and hard. After a while, they switch positions and Hans fuck Leo on all fours, then on his side. Hans tears into Leo's sweet, raw hole until he's ready to shoot. Hans delivers a thick, slow load of cum that oozes onto Leo's outstretched tongue.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-02
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-02
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James Jamesson screws his workout bud Marcus Mojo at the gym
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-02
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Come On the Set with heart throbs Rod Daily & Andrew Stark
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-02
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Something about day turning to night makes Cody's cock hard
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-02
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Two straight boys talk about doing anal sex for cash.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-02
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Charming young dude possesses such a huge male rod that is reeking with a foul smelling stench. Dude yearns to have a horny mouth to suck on his smelly dick.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-02
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Now that Ernie is blown, it's time to return the favor. With the help of Cody’s same equipment,
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-02
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Bi-sexual Ryan is here today to pick (some-what straight) Private Eryk's brain about what he should expect in the military. Ryan just enlisted in the  army and is very interested in what the service has in store for him. Marine Eryk tells his tales of boot camp, screaming sergeants, endless drills and extreme daily workout regimens. The Marines taught him how to be self-reliant with specialized wilderness survival training and night patrols.  At times Eryk was forced to dig a hole in the ground and hunker down with a buddy and their M16's, just waiting for a rival platoon to attack in the dead of night. During war-games they mounted lasers on their on their rifles and shot blanks at their opponents, getting as close to combat situations as possible.  Ryan is enthralled hearing about hand to hand, man on man action. All night patrols, soldiers running obstacle courses, guys going balls-out and fighting through mazes is just some of the fun Ryan has to expect. First thing is first though, Ryan needs a haircut. Eryk gives his new buddy a hand with the clippers and gets rid of the civilian do. Tall drink of water Ryan may still be wet behind the ears, but looks even more ready to be broken in with his fresh new cut. Private Eryk is more than ready to take on another challenge today, Private Ryan's big dick! The uniform clad young men start by raising their cocks to salute underneath canvas trousers. Then Eryk's traveling hand finds a home gripped tightly around Ryan's ever-growing bone. Ryan unzips his utilities and Private Eryk dives in head first, sucking a mean soldier's dick. He slops up that young cock with plenty of spit, deep throating and choking it down all the way to the base. Ryan repays the favor and rips Eryk's shirt off his broad soldier shoulders. He tears into sucking Marine dick like his life depended on it. Eryk is having the time of his life, moaning with the pleasure of a young mouth wrapped around his bulging soldier meat. He flips around and throws his ass in the air and takes Ryan's nine inch cock like only a Marine can. Ryan punishes his new friend's hole within an inch of his life, Erik grabs the edge of the cot and begs for more. His tight round ass was just made to be pounded. Apparently Eryk needed a leg workout as much as his ass did, he straddles Ryan and rides the shit out of that big pole of his. Flipped on his back Eryk jerks his dick faster and faster until his creamy load shoots out with Army-brat Ryan's thick meat still buried deep inside his ass. When Ryan's turn is up, he does not disappoint and launches a huge load inside the hungry open soldier's mouth before him. Eryk is loving every second of it, and licks the tip of Ryan's head for more of that sweet man juice.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-02
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Dax is an all-around good guy. Hes been in the military, been a lifeguard, and now hes an Emergency Medical Technician. Working in an emergency room, hes had many opportunities to save lives. Hes used to being with women, but he recently decided to try being with guys. When a buddy of his said he was interested in guys, Dax decided to see what it was like. Still wearing his scrubs, hes feeling pretty horny today. Right away he starts massaging his crotch through the blue cotton. Within a few seconds hes already sliding them down to get at the swollen cock in his pants. It stiffens as he tugs and strokes it. Every once in awhile, he leans forward and spits on the tip of his pink dick to lube it up. Hes feeling more comfortable and decides to lose the pants. A few minutes later, he strips his shirt off. His chest is slightly hairy and his right arm is adorned with several tattoos. His skin is tan, his blue eyes contrasted by the warm tones. As he strokes his stiffy, he caresses his chest and stomach with the other hand. Kneeling, he eases his ass backward and slides his fingers across his hole, spreading his cheeks ever so slightly. As he sits back, he begins to groan while his body stiffens. His cock sprays a giant thick rope of cum over his shoulder, splashing onto the blanket behind him. Several more gobs of goo land on his chest and stomach as his chest heaves.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-02
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Carl Baxter is jerking off while watching porn when buddy Ronny Howard shows up in a sweet pair of red underwear. They never speak. They don't have to. They know what the other needs. Carl reveals Ronny's cock and starts sucking, making a meal of his balls and uncut dick. Ronny is soon naked and on his knees, servicing Carl's big, long, fat piece of meat. With the porn movie all but forgotten, Ronny gets into a 69 position and takes more of Carl's big dick down his throat while Carl rims his sweet, raw fuck hole then finger fucks. Bareback sex whore Ronny then slides down, taking all of Carl's huge cock in one fell swoop. He goes to town, bouncing up and down on the thick, juicy pole before getting on all fours and letting Carl drive. The hung twink, more of a jock really, plows his buddy slow and deep before working up to a steady pounding, then switching positions for maximum penetration and pleasure. With his legs up in the air and Carl's huge dick up his ass, Ronny strokes his cock -- which now hangs over his face -- and pumps a load out, giving himself a cum facial. Carl then pulls out and strokes out a thick load of rich, creamy protein which he deposits right into Ronny’s freshly fucked and gaping hole, before sliding back in and seeding his hungry ass.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Well the boys are truly getting into it now. There's so much swapping around in this orgy bareback fuck fest that its hard to keep track of who's doing who! Suffice it to say the sexy sandwich fucking in the raw continues, whether the boys are stacking up on their backs, stomachs or sides. And, when ever there's an available foot flopping around in the air near one of the boys mouths, that foot gets fondled, kissed, nibbled and sucked. The poor twink from, I'm assuming Southern Thailand because of his delicious brown skin, misses out on getting a cock up his ass as he was always the bottom or end of the sandwich stack. But, his friends rectify that by stuffing a thick dildo up his ass and sucking his his toes at the same time. Enjoy all the non stop hot fucking and foot sucking action by these tasty Thai twinks.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Silly roughhousing turns into 4 twinks' sexual adventure
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Steamy sucking and hard fucking hard huge cock of two horny ebony gay using condom. double masturbate until they reached the climax and double cumshot in the end
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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In this video, you'll be seeing three good-looking mature gay bears with muscles and hairy chests, get down and dirty on each other in a threesome. Paul Carrigan, Patrick Ives and Hank Tower are hot gay men in uniforms having a three-way.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Tommy gives Tucker a thorough pounding and unloads his balls
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Gabriel Rocas, Danny Brown and Chaz Carlton are muscular men in uniform always ready to serve each other with intensive cock sucking and hard anal penetration. These guys are tough as nails and always in battle mode for anal sex.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Blacktwink gets hardly worked up orally
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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In this video, we have this scene with a studly black gay and a white bottom doing it outdoors. This white dude wanted to know how it feels to be a bitch for this black guy and he's about to get stuffed with his big black meat.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Amateur Gay Threeway Bareback Anal Fucking. Bareback is so lusty to watch this kind of a horniest gay sex action, they both do the good blowjob finding their own tickle. Moving up and down turns them to have hardcore scene, Deep anal fucking is one of the most wonderfull bareback action, they love being an animal by having a huge cumshot and puting it on their face like facial cream.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Conner and Tyler share some toe sucking fun before flip flop fucking their cum out
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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It doesn't get any hotter than this hot all black encounter that involves two well hung black men showing off their chiseled pecs and revved up dicks. Felipe and Emilio put up a sexy show before indulging their love for hot gay anal.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Ben Statham and Harley Everett are getting cozy in the Butch Dixon studio...the pair are getting so tender that Harley even offers to massage Ben's tired muscles after a hard workout. Ben's eager to feel the healing touch of the tattooed hulk and he moans softly as Harley gives him a sensual oil rubdown. But Harley's ultimately a purely sexual beast, and after about 2 minutes of massage, he's fingering Ben's asshole and getting ready to tongue him out. Ben's brief flirtation with romance slips away, but the feeling of Harley rimming out his hole more than makes up for the tender intangibles. Soon the rough and tumble muscle men are sucking cock and probing holes...Harley's thick, uncut member is pulsating and he's going all in on this scene. No cover, he's going to fuck Ben's hot hole bareback and Ben loves it! Harley's fat dick pounds away in Ben's raw hole and both hard Brit men love the flesh-in-flesh feeling. Harley bathes Ben in his massive cum dump and Ben's own emission rivals his lover's; he soaks himself with sticky jizz and Harley is still unloading all over his face.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Two gay teen meat tosses are in bed taking off their shirts and pants to engage in a hot bareback bonking. It starts with Martin sizing up his buddy's boner with his lips. Soon the swap places and Richard got his turn and swallowed Martin's fat dick.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Wildest black gays in this very sexy anal fucking action wit cumshot. Horny ebony gay fucked and sucked addict black stroking his tight ass and unloading sperm
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Mark is left alone and he hears a voice that tells him he has to play a game and that there is someone in the room with him he can't see. The masked man touches Mark and starts to get his ass loose with his fingers. They take out some toys. Mark's hole is drilled harder, faster, deeper. He is then asked to pick a card: it's blue and he gets to control the toy action himself. The masked man unties him and allows Mark to sit on the toy. After Mark has really stretched his hole deep and wide he is asked if he wants to cum; he picks a card it's red. They tie his arms behind his back so he can't wank and the masked man edges him till he's about to cum. Pick a card. It's red. He is stopped from cumming and the masked man plays with his nipples. Then the wanking starts again. Each time Mark is asked to pick a card until he gets a blue one and is allowed to shoot.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Anderson and Paolo are getting to know each other today by each telling about his experience in the military. Anderson joined the Marines in order to be part of the band, while Paolo was part of the Military Police. They also have discovered that they share some Hispanic heritage and a love for music. Paolo suggests they get a little work out in together. Anderson leads the charge with a few exercises he learned in boot camp. The guys get a little sweaty and strip off their shirts. After comparing tattoos, Anderson is a little horny and begins kissing Paolo's stomach while grabbing his crotch. He unbuttons Paolo's pants and wraps his pink lips around the uncut monster, savoring the foreskin. Then he hops to his feet and whips out his own stiff dong. Paolo is excited to see such a big cock on a little guy. He begins slobbering all over it while stroking his meat. Anderson is greedy for something more than just a blow job and orders Paolo onto all-fours where he jams his giant dick into the waiting sphincter. Paolo grunts as his inner depths are probed by the massive dick. After pounding his buddy every which way, Anderson flops onto his back to let Paolo ride him. Paolo jumps on and goes like a rodeo cowboy before spraying a lake of cum onto Anderson's pale, chiseled abs. Anderson wants to return the favor and busts all over Paolo's chest. Anderson feeds his buddy the product of his balls one finger at a time.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Cum On The Set for mega hunk Marcus Mojo's sexy Photo shoot
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Brett found the perfect cum target in Alex and didn't think twice to let his intentions be known. They slip into a nasty anal with Alex tugging his dick while grinding his sweet ass. Alex loved every moment of it, taking every thrust with gusto.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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There's really nothing like a hot threesome with three hot, muscular and very horny gay bears. Hank Towers, Paul Carrigan and Tom Katt are more than just co-workers, they also make up this intense hardcore gay threesome scene.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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We have this video of two Latin beefcakes doing the dirty deed on a hospital ward. Manuel gave his lover a visit and gave him a little surprise to make him feel better by going down on him and sucking off his thick meaty shaft.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Watch Bareback anal fuck cumshot. They are not frustated in barebacked sex everytime their doing a lusty gay sex, having delicously barebacked blowjob and having a nasty cumshot cumming from their big cock and romantically applying into their face giving them a real good sex
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Man, I would love to check-in to Hung Hotel and never check-out. That's if all the guests are as hot, handsome, buffed and hung as these guys that is. And what else turns me on is that everything on these guys is big, strong and manly - big arms, big chests and big uncut cocks. After frolicking in the bathtub one of these big Euro studs shows us how he likes to put his uncut man-muscle to use by stuffing it bareback up the tight hairy hole of his fuck buddy. His fuck buddy takes that condomless cock like a man and loves every second of getting rammed from behind. But then the bottom wants to take a more active role so he impales himself on his friends cock. He rides it well and sexily fucks his buddy's bare cock with his ass. When he tosses his arm back behind his head and grunts and groans while riding that cock I want to cream my pants. But, after all the anal stimulation the bottom needs to release the pressure and gives his fucker a nice n heavy cum facial. The fucker releases his load too and cums onto himself.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Rodrigo Sainz is a fine looking young man who just recently discovered his real sexual preference. Here he joins Pedro Blanka to show him the ropes by making him suck on his raging shaft and spread his bottom for intense gay anal action.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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College boy gets jerked off by an older man.
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GIOVANNI - SHOOT - 02-19-10

by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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You don't always know your neighbor in a big city, but sometimes you should. Ever since he moved to San Francisco, Christian Wilde has wondered about the boy next door…literally. NakedSword Originals decided to lend a hand and make Christian's fantasy come true. In this last episode of Into the Wilde, Christian spies Lance Luciano through his living room window. All it takes is a glance from Lance and Christian's out the window, onto the fire escape, and crawling into Lance's apartment. After passionately making out, Christian fucks Lance in a sweaty, intense scene that shows what it means to be a good neighbor — and how to be a great host.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Getting that testosterone going makes Ryan a horny boy. When Joaquin (dark hair) shows up, he's got a plan to work out all that extra energy. These two begin by kissing butt
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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It's the first night of having 5 of the hottest London talent staying in his father's cottage, and CottageBoy himself Leo Marco doesn't want to miss this opportunity for some eye-candy. What he gets almost immediately is something he couldn't have wished for, and sees slim, sexy and very twinky Lyle Boyce getting it on with super-stud Kayden Gray right there on his sofa! Peeking in from the window outside, Leo instinctively gets his already solid dick out from his jeans and starts slowly stroking it, getting it twitching with excitement as he struggles to remain hidden from behind the ivy covered window. With flashes of the hot action inside, it's all about the voyeuristic excitement we get with Leo and his very sexy dick standing proud from his trousers, we can almost picture ourselves in that position, and joining him as he spunks all over the plants, leaving them dripping in boy juice just as he is caught peeping in...or is he?
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Ever have a morning where you just don't want to get out of bed? Rick has one of those days, but Marco and Blake aren't pleased about Rick being last for work so they decide to go wake him up. First with a cock in his mouth then with a dick up his tight ass or in this case both at the same time before switching places. Rick takes his punishment like a man. Watch as Marco and Blake teach him a lesson that Rick might need to learn over and over again... Willingly!
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Wild and Aggressive asian foreplay leads to hot cock sucking
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Black slut cock meets black slut hole, what a perfect combination! Kamrun walks in the hotel room only to find Drew Vergas in his favourite jockstrap just waiting to service another thick cock. Kamrun drops his pants and out falls his fat uncut cock and finds its way down Drew's eager mouth. While Kamrun face fucks Drew he starts fingering his slut hole and getting it ready then he buries his face in that black ass and really eats it out getting it all wet and juicy for some bareback action. Kamrun then slams his raw meat in that slut hole and starts fucking it likes he owns it. Of course Drew didn't mind it being used hard as that is the only way this bottom wants it!
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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It really doesn't get any hotter than this gay cub who calls himself ThePenisMightier. He's a 22-year-old amateur webcam performer from California with blonde hair, cool facial stubble. He gives off this boy-next-door appeal but he can do some pretty nasty things on webcam.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Two nature lovers have some wild sex in a small camping tent
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Mickey Squires is a hard assed police officer who knows how to handle tough situations. He has a hairy, muscular body and a ferocious appetite for cock pleasure. Watch him get turned on and take matters into his own hands in this hot solo stroking scene.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Is there anything hotter than seeing these charming lads naked and having anal sex on the couch? Nathan goes bottom from Brett and wastes no time in showing off his eagerness to suck his dick and take it balls deep inside his butt.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Cock wanking and deep anal drilling will heal twinks lusty needs.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Two straight boys take turns sucking each others cocks.
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CJ AND SHANE - SHOOT - 02-24-10

by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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More loads of cum than you can handle. Grab your favorite jizz towel and get ready to see a river of cum. See straight guys unload. Watch fuck buddies stuff their cocks in tight sphincters then explode jizz all over the place. Some of your favorite porn stars like Derek Parker and Dayton O' Connor catch cum in their mouths, savoring the taste on the tips of their tongues. Watch new cummers Nathan Eugene, Ruckus, Colton Long, Gio Ryder, Ken Dial, Paul Stack, and Joe take Tony's load in their mouths before they blow their own wads. Hairy stud Cyrus Vaughn fucks Joey Rico then dumps a hot load in his mouth. America jams his uncut cock into Caleb Colton's tight ass, then jizzes in his awaiting pie hole. Harley Cox screws George Glass then blows it down his throat. Jeremy Stevens pounds Nathan Eugene then spews a giant load in his mouth. Timo Swift humps muscle stud Brock Landon til he covers his face in white glue.
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by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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Paco interrupts Jaime's chores with a kiss. Jaime knows just what Paco needs, unzipping his pants. Paco wastes no time sitting down, tearing his pants and shoes off. He pulls Jaime down on to his long hard pole. Jaime exuberantly starts working Paco down his throat, stripping his own clothes off. The two resume their positions staring longingly into each others eyes. Paco stands over Jaime, fucking the smaller mans throat with long thrusts. Paco moves over Jaime and wolfs down the bottom's cock while fingering Jaime's hole. Standing back up, Paco lets Jaime suck his dick for a few strokes, before turning him around and caressing Jaime's hole with his pulsing cock. In the next scene, Jaime is whimpering and grimacing as Paco pushes and pulls his long cock in and out of Jaime's tight hole. Jaime feverishly submits, crying out in ecstasy as Paco firmly holds him in place, getting rougher and faster. Mouth open, gasping for air under the exertion, Paco continues to take what he wants from Paco. Mercifully, he sits down, still buried deep in Jaime. Jaime rides Paco's stick, shoving his hips down obediently before Paco takes back over and resumes hammering him from underneath. All Jaime can do is hold on for the ride. Jaime turns Paco around to face him, alternating his gaze between Jaime's wide eyes and the point where they connect. Goose bumps rise on Jaime's ass as he pumps his meat. Paco gets faster and faster with his thrusts until Paco's dick explodes, shooting cum all over the top. Paco continues the assault, getting closer and closer. He pulls out puts his cock back in Jaime's mouth. Finally, Paco drenches Jaime with his load, letting Jaime suck out every last bit. The two end their encounter with more soulful kissing.
04:03 50%


by Anonymous on 2014-03-01
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